Family playing board game at home
By Masoom

Selecting a toy- how to buy

Money comes first, see what suits your pocket. Saving money on a toy is like compromising on your child future and overspending on one toy simply does not make sense as there are plenty other toys available that provide excellent value for money. A few pointers to decide how much value actually a toy gives […]

By Masoom

Selecting a toy- what not to buy

With innumerable variety of toys available in toy shops, parents more often than not get confused and buy the toy that the shop sales man thinks is best for their child. Such recommendations in most probability are based on the fact which toy is more profitable for the shop. It will do your child some […]

Family playing board game
By Masoom

8 Reasons Why Playing Games is a Good Thing

When you think someone is playing games with you it is upsets and infuriates you. You come up with best possible scenarios to snub the person and get a one up on them. But since when did this pleasant and relaxing ritual of “playing games” get such an ugly connotation? I believe playing games is […]