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Fun with Physics

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An Educational, do-it-yourself Science kit for children of ages 10 years. A set of 28 unique, fun and interesting activities about Physics. Included in the kit is a coloured illustration instructions booklet along with contents like magnets (Horse shoe, Bar, Round), concave & convex lense, prism, LED, etc.

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Topics Covered: Hot & Cold, Pressure, Hot air rises up, Mass, Air, Light & optics, Electric current, Static electricity, Floatation, Magnetism, Gravitation, Surface tension, Sound waves, Vacuum, Heat & many more…

Contents: Prism, Concave lens, Convex lens, Horse shoe magnet, Round magnet, Bar magnet, Iron filings, LED bulbs, Electric wire, Cardboard, Terminals with screw, Paper clips & pins, Nails & other supplementary material.

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Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 x 1.7 in



10 Years & above




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