B2B Marketplace

With over 70 years experience in manufacturing various products from battery operated radios to electric fans, from tin toy cars to automobile parts and from prosthetics to textile products, we have successfully satisfied customers from across the world with a variety of OEM (customised) products and bulk orders.

Below is an exhaustive but not all inclusive list of the multiple products developed as OEM for our valued customers from around the globe, showcasing our extensive experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing a plethora of products belonging to different categories and industries.

We welcome well reputed companies from across the world to give us the opportunity to develop and manufacture high quality customised products for them.

Artificial Hands, Prosthetics

Realistic artificial hands made of high grade PVC and specially designed for handicapped people for restoring basic functionality and appearance at an affordable cost.

Our capabilities to give high quality finishing to our products are visible in our prosthetics complete with intricate details and contours of a real hand.

Available in various sizes and colours, these artificial limbs have assisted in functionality of over 100,000 adults and children.

Sports goods

We manufacture a variety of Sports goods meant mainly for indoor training purpose of children. Customers can give their own designs to manufacture as OEM.

The products are all manufactured using safe and non-toxic raw materials and are formulated to imitate the performance ( bounce, weight, etc) of its actual counterpart as close as possible.

Various products include Cricket Balls, Hockey Puck, Hockey Balls, Markers, Discus and Shot Put.

The products can easily be made as per European or any other international safety standards or as per customers requirement.

Baby Teeth Cleaning Cloth

This seemingly simple product is made from the most sophisticated technology in cloth stitching available.

An engineering marvel with the highest level of accuracy and minimal level of rejection rate. The product passed all stringent safety tests required for baby products.

High volumes, fast production and flawless quality was possible by implementing automation unheard of in the industry.

This product is another example of our fine capabilities and potential.

The product design is owned by our European customer.

Automobile parts and components

We have helped in R&D for multiple companies in the sector , developing products like Car seat head rest, car door handle, cycle seat and other smaller components through rotational moulding of PVC.

The advantage of our expertise and the rotational moulding process over other usually adopted practices is the high degree of product surface finishing without any parting lines. The products can be made with any texture and varied hardness. Rotational moulding process is extremely useful for shorter production runs as the cost of moulds is far more economical as compared to the expensive injection and blow moulds.

Air freshners for car

This innovative product and unique designing has reached out to a number of countries in the world map while receiving great appreciation and sales volume.

The product is can be used as a car hanging while it spreads its pleasant swiss manufactured fragrance in the surrounding area.

Designed and developed with our US based costumer who holds the patent for this product.

Promotional products

While Masoom caters to its primary customers – children and families through various retail outlets, it reaches out to its secondary customers through a different channel – institutional sales or corporate sales.

This forms a key segment as corporates in turn reach out to our primary customers. Our secondary customers comprise FMCGs, pharmaceuticals, educational institutions, the airline industry, insurance sectors and many more. We identify the purpose of their campaign to associate with Masoom products and offer solutions accordingly.

One of the prominent ways in which many corporates have tied up with us is by adding value to their brand / product by packaging it with ours. This is a customised solution offered by us when the mother pack is synergised with Masoom product (as a CPU) to augment the brand’s mileage.

So if you have a requirement to promote your products and wish to reach your target segment that serves as a common audience for both, Contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to offer you a solution.

Educational products

Phthalate free toys made for kindergarten kids studying in a preschool chain in US. The toy consisted of 30 such lions (called counters) in 3 different colours of 10 each.

The product was used to make children learn counting upto 30 and the three primary colours.

The toys were made to pass tests not compulsory then, exhibiting Masoom’s capability of staying ahead of time and in pursuit of better safety standards for children.

Blood Pressure Pump

This is a blood pressure pump usually made of rubber. But due to high fluctuation of rubber prices leading to price uncertainty our blood pressure pump manufactured using extremely durable and high grade PVC is the best option for cost effectiveness and reliability. We can make sizes as per customers requirement.


The most challenging paint jobs in the Indian toy industry have been conducted in our factory. Our mastery and specialisation in spray painting and in house mask making gives us an edge over our competitors.

Most plastic materials like PVC, PP, ABS, etc can be spray painted.


Educational working models of solar cooker and volcano were manufactured using innovative manufacturing processes.

4000 solar cookers and 6000 volcanos were developed, manufactured and dispatched under 45 days of order confirmation. A target almost impossible to achieve, but made possible by the dedicated workforce of Masoom’s factory.