Selecting a toy- what not to buy

With innumerable variety of toys available in toy shops, parents more often than not get confused and buy the toy that the shop sales man thinks is best for their child. Such recommendations in most probability are based on the fact which toy is more profitable for the shop.

It will do your child some good if you put some thought behind what you buy and what you don’t buy. Buying toys whether online or offline is very similar and a few things should be kept in mind:

1) It is not just one toy that makes a difference to your child’s overall development but it’s the collection of toys you buy for your child over a period of time.

2) Cheap toys that break in a couple of play time are not worth your money. Such toys are unsafe due to inferior raw material and upon breakage they may expose sharp edges or small parts that may potentially be dangerous for your child.

3) Expensive toys are not always the answer to all your child’s needs of a good toy. You can land up buying lots of expensive toys only to see your kid is simply not interested in it beyond the time it takes to open the packaging.

4) A lot of toys are toxic and unsafe for your child. Do not buy unsafe or toxic toys. If you are in doubt regarding the safety of a toy move on. There are plenty of toys offering similar play value yet being safe and non toxic for your child. All safe and non toxic toys have the same written on the toy or the packaging somewhere. But beware of some misleading markings too!

Having ruled out certain toys using above points you would have come quite close to the basket of toys from which you can pick up the right toys for your child. Please read the article Selecting a toy – how to buy!

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